Active words and word combinations

Module 1

Forms of greeting Our University Daily routine
At my command! Fall in! As you were! At ease\rest! Fall out! Dismissed! Attention!\Ready front! Eyes right\left\front! Dress! Dress right\left! Right\left, face! About face! Forward, march! Double time, march! Mark time, march! In place, double time, march! Halt! the University of Internal Affairs education educational institution to detect operational detection economic security activity correspondent/ distant training militia officer to raise ones educational level jurisprudence part-time students academic year term to provide knowledge and skills to be engaged in scientific researches physical and military training full-time students to get experience law-enforcement bodies court prosecutor bachelors degree postgraduate school to accomplish Master of Law first-year student lawyer military school instructions and classes drill and ceremonies interior guard duty to have spare time reveille to form up drill ground self-preparation roll-call taps duty roster detail for the guard senior of the guard officer of the day commander of the guard relief patrol sentinel to be armed and equipped guardhouse

Active words and word combinations

Module 2

Sate structure of Ukraine Political system of Great Britain Political system of USA
independent independence legal citizen sovereign powers and duties source of power government legislative executive judicial to elect (election) to vote suffrage by secret ballot to make law Commander-in-Chief the State Budget to speak on behalf of to be responsible for/ to to carry out domestic (home) policy foreign policy to develop justice jurisdiction Constitutional court the Supreme court court of general jurisdiction monarchy Queen to summon temporal Royal Assent House of Commons House of Lords to preside over hereditary basis Lord Chancellor Bishop of the Church of England peer constitueny to hold (held) to gain a majority shadow cabinet to deal with (dealt) elected council federal federative federation unit district office Senate House of Representatives to renew to guarantee Preamble amendment to search cause reason to permit permission court to determine permanent

Active words and word combinations

Module 3

Militia of Ukraine British Police System The USA Police System
in accordance with armed agency to be aimed dignity and honour environment to combat banditry to counteract encroachments favorable conditions profitable ground distribution of drugs firearmes to launder money phenomenon (pl.phenomena) court proceeding criminal gang staff militia rank recruitment on a voluntary basis to enroll quality police force police officer constable sergeant superintendant chief constable authority to maintain public order to detect crime rates of pay conditions of service code of discipline oath of loyalty to serve to retire hierarchy of ranks subordination to commit a crime (an offence) to arrest on suspicion circumstances to accept magistrate headquarters deputy staff background of police work territorial division senior officer report police station political unit police agency Central Intelligence agency level to investigate investigator to charge to charge with murder to be charged with to be responsible for particular jurisdiction considerably law enforcement powers patrol highways to be restricted traffic traffic officer (cop) traffic laws traffic light to identify identification clearing houses to detect (crime) detective force to be attached to office of the governor township marshal municipal police department recruit promotion courses

Active words and word combinations

Module 4

Judiciary of Ukraine British Judicial System The USA Court System
extensive to embrace peculiarity criminal case civil case to examine significance procurator the Procurator's Office judge assessor observance to ensure fair circumstances to precede evidence preliminary conclusion guilt guilty penalty to violate conviction conformity punishment sentence judicial source of law distinction wrong court case case law (judge-made law) judge to try trial feature magistratescourt jury to bring a case before the court proceeding(s) summary jurisdiction circuit High Court (of Justice) appeal Recorder (of London) county court court of appeal (court of appellate jurisdiction) to concern to be concerned with (syn. to deal with) to reduce judiciary Chief justice associate justice judicial circuit violation violence justice of the peace minor to handle to resign to hold office

Active words and word combinations

Module 5

Criminal Law Investigation
to be defined to prevent harm society to specify conduct to imply to injure assault robbery theft violation to refer to outlawed /illegal act punishment to be convicted of smth penalty felony misdemeanor to impose sentence prison /jail imprisonment thief burglar robber shop-lifter pick-pocket kidnapper murderer accomplice drug dealer bigamist traitor forger smuggler spy arsonist Gangster to accomplish threefold aim physical evidence interrogation accused instrumentation witness to interview conscientious cultivated sources informant acquaintance bartender insight aid pathology to trace to be located accident incident matter case crime offence proof evidence inguiry investigation scene place  

Active words and word combinations

Module 6

Terrorism Drug trafficing
fear threat hostage hijack ( hijacking ) explosion explosive premeditated perpetrated noncombatant target minority intimidation to make doubts tool advantages disadvantages profit religious belief to clash to destroy destruction struggle combat terrorist networks to spread fear inhospitable capability to eliminate to acquire nuclear weapons high-yield explosive drugs for instance prohibited prescription glues solvents hemp joint consumption mental disorders to impair fitness poppy addictive addiction addicts syringe abuse to snort to suffer persecution mania clandestine withdrawal symptoms


odule 1. Unit 1. Topic:Forms of greeting. Biography. Grammar: Noun (singular, plural). Articles. Personal Pronouns. Demonstrative Pronouns. Verbs: to be, to have.Numerals. Degrees of Comparison. Possessive case  
odule 1. Unit 2. Text: Our University. Grammar: Countable and Uncountable Nouns. There is/are.Present, Past, Future Simple (Indefinite) Tenses. To be going to. Prepositions  
odule 2. Unit 1. Text: State structure of Ukraine. Grammar: Present, Past Perfect Tenses. The Passive Voice.  
odule 2. Unit 2. Text: Political system of Great Britain. Grammar: Future Perfect Tense. The Passive Voice.  
odule 2. Unit 3. Topic: Political system of the USA. Grammar: The Passive Voice.  
odule 3. Unit 1. Text: Militia of Ukraine. Grammar: Imperative Mood. Subjunctive Mood.  
odule 3. Unit2. Text: British Police System. Grammar: Infinitive. Gerund.  
odule 3. Unit 3. Text: The United States Police System. Grammar: Participle I. Participle II.  
odule 4. Unit 1. Text: Judiciary of Ukraine. Grammar: Sequence of Tenses.  
odule 4. Unit 2. Text: British Judicial System. Grammar: Sequence of Tences. Direct and Indirect speech.  
odule 4. Unit 3. Text: The United States Court System. Grammar: Indirect speech.  
odule 5. Unit 1. Topic: Criminal law. Grammar: Compound and Complex sentences. The Conjunction.  
odule 5. Unit 2. Topic: Investigation. Grammar: Compound and Complex sentences. The Conjunction.  
odule 6. Unit 1. Topic:Terrorism. Grammar:Phrasal verbs.  
odule 6. Unit 2. Topic:Drug Trafficing. Grammar:Revision.  



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