Read the text and learn why this young Ukrainian studies English.



Hi, I'm Petro from Smila. It's in the centre of Ukraine.

I'm a pupil of the 11th form and I study English at school. I try to master the language as well as I can do it at school. 'Why?' you can ask. Well, I have my point of view as for this. I want to reach success in life and English will help me.

You see, modern life is impossible without communication. This communication is between people of one country and between people of different nations. So it is necessary to know at least one foreign language.

Besides, I think, that to achieve real success in life is impossible without speaking a foreign language. If you are a scientist you need it to read literature and to take part in conferences.

If you want to be a good expert in any field you need a foreign language to receive new information on your speciality. If you are a businessperson you need a foreign language to have business with foreign partners.

Many people like to travel. For this a foreign language is necessary too. If you want to get education abroad you must know a foreign language too.

If you are fond of reading you can read interesting books in the original. If you are fond of music you can understand the words of songs. If you are an athlete you can communicate using a foreign language during international competitions. If you want to find a job abroad you must know a foreign language too. So in any field of modern life it is necessary to know a foreign language.

We live in Europe. Europe is integrating now and it is very important for everybody to know at least one foreign language. Ukraine is going to become a member of the European Council and the Common Market.

Our country takes part in many international political, economic, cultural and educational projects. But how to take part in them without speaking a foreign language? A private interpreter isn't a suitable way out. People can think that you aren't intelligent enough if you spend much money on paying the private interpreter instead of paying for your own education at least when you are young enough to learn any language rather quickly.

English is one of the most popular foreign languages. It is the most spoken language in international communication. I am glad that I know English a little and I plan to learn it better in future.


Write down 20 new words, translate them and learn by heart.

To study

to master


point of view

to reach


impossible -






to achieve

a scientist

a field

to receive


a partner

to travel



3. Answer the questions.


1. What is Petro's point of view about the role of English in his plans for future?

2. Why English is necessary for an expert in any field?

3. Why a foreign language is important for tourists?

4. What is the role of English in European co-operation?

5. Can Ukrainians take part in international projects without mastering a foreign language?

6. Why is it better to spend money on your language education rather than pay them to an interpreter?

7. What are Petro's plans as for improving his English in future?


Write down a summery of the text. Use and continue the statements.


1. In business English is ... .

2. For scientists English ... .

3. Specialists in almost every field need English because ....

4. In European integration English plays a special role because ....

5. It is very important for young Ukrainians to learn foreign languages because ....

Read the text again and, together with your partner, do back translation of it.

Look at the picture and say in what fields a foreign language is necessary to a person.

Interview your partner why he or she learns English.

1.Why do you study English?

2. Do you study English willingly?

3.How did you start to learn it?

4.What additional aids do you use to study English?

5. Whom do you use to speak with, to communicate?

6.Do you have many friends who are interested in English?

7. Do you often speak English with them?

8.Will English add to your knowledge in future?

9.Will it help you to be more competable ?

10.Is it possible to go abroad on business, to visit some exhibitions or to sign a contract without knowing English?

8 Tell why you study English and in what way it will be useful for you in future. Use the following expressions:

In my opinion

It is very important

As to my parents content

As you know

Speaking about the democratic society

I should mention





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