Respond to the following sentences according to the pattern ,use the hints given in brackets.


-Ann complained that she had had to pay a double postage for my letter.

( to send the letter unstamped)

-Haven`t I told you that it was a bad idea to send the letter unstamped.

1. We can`t buy this fridge. We don`t have enough cash (to withdraw money from your account).

2. It looks as if nobody were going to meet us. May be our letter hasn`t come yet. ( to send an urgent telegram).

3. They charged so much for the telegram. (to be economically worded ).

4. Again they haven`t this magazine on sale. ( to subscribe for your favourite periodicals ).

5. The letter with my diploma hasn`t come yet. It must have been lost. ( to register it ) .

6. They refused to cash your money order. I couldn`t convince them that it`s your signature. ( to be officially witnessed ) .

7. I sent the letter a month ago and it hasn`t yet reached the addressee. What if it`s lost? (to sign the envelope legibly ) .

8. The airplane is reported to have crashed and all the mail it was carrying has burned down. ( to have the parcel insured ) .

9. I owe a big sum of money for various municipal services but I have neither time nor desire to settle all these bills. ( to instruct the bank to pay the bills by drawing the necessary sums from your depositor`s account ) .


8. What would you do (or say) if:

- you received a letter marked Collect;

- you wanted to send a letter with some important documents;

- your parcel contained something valuable;

- you had no paper to wrap your parcel;

- you didn`t know how to fill in a money-order form properly;

- you had some bills to pay;

- you wanted to have your mail sent to your new address;

- you wanted to get your poste restante mail;

- you wanted to cash your friend`s money order.


9. When would you say :

1.May I have my parcel insured?

2.Must I state the name of the addressee in full?

3.Must I obligatory declare the value of my parcel?

4.Where is the municipal service counter?

5. Must I obligatory have my friend`s signature witnessed?

6. How is it necessary to fill in a paying-in form?

7. How much do you charge per word?

8. Here is my identity card. Will you please see if there is any mail in my name?

9. Will you forward the mail coming in my name to this address?

10. Will this letter be delivered to the addressee`s home?


10.Make use of the following expressions of regret and sympathy:

What a pity!

I wish I could do something.

Take it easy.

It can`t be helped.

Let`s hope for the better.

Add words developing the idea.

Pattern: A : I sent off a letter to Mary without a stamp. I`m sorry I forgot to stick it on.

B : Well, it can`t be helped. She`ll have to pay double postage.

1 I wanted to collect my poste restante mail, but I left the passport at home.

2 I wanted to cash my money order but I`ve fallen ill.

3 I was going to stick on stamp on the envelope at the Post Office but suddenly found out that I`ve left it at home.

4 Yesterday I forgot to send the letter and tomorrow there will be no one at the station to meet grandmother.

5 I received a parcel from my aunt but some things are missing.

6 I was going to send these papers by book-parcel but they weigh 9 kg.

7 I have to send my passport to Kyiv but I`m afraid it may be lost on its way.

8 My mother asked me to send the parcel and to pay our electricity bill but there`s so little time left as in half an hour all offices`ll be closed.

9 What`s to be done? I can`t cut down my telegram but I haven`t enough money to pay for all I`ve written.

10 I must urgently drop my letter and there is not a clerk at the department where they sell envelopes.

11 I left my purse at home and have no money to buy a stamp.


Fill in prepositions and post-verbal adverbs where necessary.

1 Filling money-order you must write legibly and abbreviations.

2 They charge3 roubles per wordan ordinary telegram.

3 This year we subscribedthe magazine "England".

4 May I ask youthree postcards?-Sorry ,we`ve run them. You can buy themthe next counter.

5 What window do they payold age pensions?

6 What`s the postagea registered letter?- That dependsits weight.

7 Do you takeparcels here?-Yes, we do. But you`d better send these booksbook-post.

8 Why don`t you get your mailyour address?-You see, our Post Office is justour street. I passit at least twicea day. So I find it more convenient to get my post there, left until called .

9 Could I have my mail forwardedthis new address?

10 What a head I`ve got? Yesterday I wrote a letter to my cousin, folded itcarefully, put itthe envelope and stucka stamp. But when I had already dropped itthe pillar-box I remembered I had forgotten to stickthe flap and write the address.

11 The slot-machine is either empty or order: I couldn`t get any stampsit.


12 Translate into English:

1 . ? , .

2 . - ? ,, , .

3 . .

4 , , . .

5 ? . , , . .

6 , , . .

7 ? , . : .

8 ? , , , .

9 ? .

10 100 . ?

11 , .

12 ?

13 , ? ϳ . , , .

14 ? , , , . , .


13.Think of all possible arguments for and against:

- insuring your parcel;

- opening an account with a bank;

- getting your mail poste-restante not sent to your address;

- instructing your bank to pay your bills by drawing necessary sums of money from your account.

14.Describe the procedure of:

-cashing a money-order;

-sending a parcel;

-getting a poste-restante letter;

-making arrangements with local Post Office to forward your mails;

-sending an ordinary letter.


15. Translate Ukrainian sentences into English and reproduce the dialogues:

-Do you take in urgent telegrams?

-. , .

- . . ?

-On that table. And remember that you must write legibly.

-Must I state the sender`s address?

-, .


* * *

- ?

-Certainly. What can I do for you?

-, , . , . .

-But your signature isn`t witnessed.

- , .

-Don`t worry. I`ll take care of that.


* * *

-How do I go about sending a parcel?

-³, , , .

-How soon will you send it off? You see, it`s urgent.

-. .

-And can you guarantee that it won`t be damaged or lost?

- , .




1.You and your friend are sending a wedding present to his sister. Discuss what to send and how to send a parcel.

2.You are not sure if it`s worth while opening a bank account. Ask your friend for a piece of advice.

3.Your mother asks you to pay several bills for municipal services. You`ve never done it before. Ask your mother for all necessary information.

4.Your friend is seriously ill and can`t cash his money order. Offer him your help.


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