At a passport and customs desk

Customs clerk:Your passport, please. How long are you planning to stay in the


Traveller:Three weeks. Could I prolong my entrance visa in case of necessity.

Customs clerk:Sure. The receiving party will take care of it.

Well, bags on the table and your customs form, please


Traveller:How much does it weight?

Customs clerk:23 kilos. I am sorry, but youll have to pay an excess baggage charge.

Yes, sir.. .thats 6 pound. Thank you. Have you anything to declare.


Customs clerk:Alcohol, cigarettes, fresh fruit, plants?

Traveller:Uh,no. Only for personal needs.

Customs clerk:Open your suitcase, please. Any gifts?

Traveller:Only one bottle of vodka.

Customs clerk:All right. It is duty free. As you probably know, it is forbidden to bring

more then two bottles of alcohol and two blockes of cigarettes to

England. And no limitations as to currency. Here is your form.

Traveller:Thank you.

Customs clerk:Not at all. The next please.


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3,(7-8), (8-9), (9-10),(13-14)Theme Hotels



At the Hotels

When travelling people almost always stay at a hotels. It is advisable, therefore, to remember the following:

1. The first thing to do is to book a room in advance either by letter, telephone or telegram. Otherwise you may arrive at the hotel and be told that there areno rooms.

2. On arrive at the hotel go to the reception desk in the lobby and confirm your reservation. The clerk will then give you a registration form to fill in and sign .In small hotels you simply sign the visitors book andive your permanent address.

3. At large hotels you may ask for any service by telephone. You tell the operator if you wish to be called at a certain time, you call rooms service when you want a meal or drinks sent up to your room, valet or maid service if you need something cleaned or pressed.

4. Let the hotel management know well in advance the day and time of your departure.



My car reaches the hotel where I want to stay. I get out and go to the hotel office. Here I ask if they can give me an accommodation. Certainly, answers the clerk, we have got several rooms. Would you like a suite or a single room? he continues.

I say that I would like a bed-room with a bathroom attached. The clerk says he can give me such a room on the third floor. I ask about the price of the room. He informs me of the price and soon everything is settled. I hand in my passport, fill in an arrival form and get the key to my room. Next I ask the hotel porter to carry my luggage to the room.

He does as requested. I look at my room. I like it very much. It is very comfortable. I can have a fine rest here. I ring for the chambermaid and inquire about the meals at the hotel restaurant. Next I obtain information about the hairdressers, about where I can have my boots cleaned, about where I can have my linen washed (if there is a laundry service at the hotel), etc. She answers all my questions. There is a lot of time before dinner and so I settle down quietly to rest.


Active Words and Word Combinations:


reseptions desk ,

to arrive ,

to depart


chambermaid -

laundry -

accommodation ,

to book -

in advance -

to confirm -

reservation -

form -

register ( )

to fill in -

to sign -

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studying year, I term

(9-10) Theme Hotels



The Russia hotel

The car has brought Pete, Nick and David to the Russia hotel. Now they are in the lounge of the hotel.

Pete: Just a minute, David. I'll speak to the receptionist. We made a reservation last week... Will you fill in this form, please?

David fills in the form, comes up to the receptionist and hands in the form.

David: Here you are. Is everything all right?

Receptionist: ... Yes, everything is OK... Your room number is five two. Here is your key.

David: Thank you.

Receptionist: You are welcome. Have a nice stay.

David: Thanks.

Pete: David, will you join us for dinner to-night?

David: I'll be glad to.

Pete: Fine. Then we'll meet you here at seven sharp. And, if you don't mind. we shall have dinner at the hotel restaurant. It's not bad at all.

David: Thank you for the invitation. See you later.

Words and expressions

( )

three [TrÖ] (.)
to check in ['tSek'In]
checking in  
to bring [brIÎ] , ,
The car has broiight them to the hotel.     .
now [nau] ,
lounge [laun³]
Just a minute!   !
receptionist [rI'sepS@nIst] , ( )
I'll speak to the receptionist. [,rez@'veISn] .
to make a reservation  
last [l¸st] ,
week [wi:k]
last week  
We made a reservation last week.     .
to fill in  
this [DIs]
form [fþm]
He fills in the form.   .
to come up to  
He comes up to the receptionist.     .
to hand in the form  
He hands in the form.   / .
Here you are.   , .
everything ['evrIDIÎ]
all right ['þl 'raIt]
Is everything all right?   ?
your [jþ]
room [rüm] ,
number ['nömb@]
your room number  
five two ['faIv' ou 'tü]
key [ki:]
You are welcome.   . .
nice [naIs]
stay [steI]
Have a nice stay!   !
to stay   , ,
Thanks. [D{Îks] .
to join [³oIn]
dinner ['dIn@] ,
Will you join us for dinner?   ?
to-night [t@'naIt]
I'll be glad to. = I'D be glad to [gl{d] .
join you.    
fine [faIn]
Fine.   .
then [Den]
We'll meet you.   .
seven ['sev@n] (.)
sharp [S¸p]
at seven sharp   7
to mind [maInd] , -
if [If]
If you don't mind...   ...
to have dinner   ,
We shall have dinner...   ...
restaurant ['rest@rþÎ]
at the restaurant  
bad [b{d]
at all [@t 'þl] ,
It's not bad at all.   .
invitation [,InvI'teISn]
to invite [In'vaIt]
See you later.   .



1. Translate into Russian ( ):

The car brought the businessmen to the Russia hotel.

They speak to the receptionist and Mr. Hill fills in the form.

Then Mr. Hill comes up to the receptionist and hands in the form.

Everything is all right.

Mr. Hill receives the key to his room.

His room number is 502.

Pete invites Mr. Hill to dinner.

Mr. Hill is glad to join Pete and Nick for dinner.

They will have dinner at the restaurant of the hotel.

Mr. Hill thanks Pete for the invitation.

2. Match English and Russian equivalents ( ):

Just a minute. .
I'll speak to the receptionist. .
We made a reservation last week. .
Will you fill in this form, please? ?
Here you are. .
Is everything all right? .
Here is your key. , .
You are welcome. .
Have a nice stay. , , .


3. Complete the following sentences ( ):

The car has brought the businessmen... the Russia hotel.

Now they are... the lounge of... hotel.

They speak... the receptionist.

Last week the Russian businessmen... a reservation for Mr. Hill.

4. Complete the dialogue and make a similar one ( ):

D.: Here you are. Is everything ...?

R.: Yes, everything ... Your room ... Here is ...

D.: Thank you.

R.: You ... Have ...

D.: Thanks.

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studying year, I term

4,(9) ,(10),(11),(17-18) . At the doctors



At the Doctors (1)

Of all things people probably hate diseases most. Suppose, you plan to finish your work tomorrow. Its very important and urgent. Besides, you have given your word the work will be ended in timeand alãs.

But in the morning you find out suddenly that you cant get up as usual because you are ill, you have to call a doctor and he examines you and diagnoses the illness (or desease).

When we have a headache, a stomach ache, a sore throat, a cold, or a pain in some part of the body, we call the doctor. He takes our temperature and our pulse. He examines our heart, our lungs, our stomach or the part where we have a pain (the part of the body which hurts-us) and tells us what is the matter with us. He says: You have a slight temperature or you have the flu, you have caught a cold or you have heart desease.The doctor prescribes medicine and gives us a prescription, which we take to the chemist, who makes up the medicine. The doctor says l shall prescribe some medicine. You must take the prescription to the chemist and he will make up the medicine for you. Take the medicine twice (or three times) a day, before (or after) meals.If you follow the doctors orders you get better; if you disobey the doctor you may get worse, and even die. We must obey the doctor (we must follow the doctor orders), if we want to get better. If we have a temperature we must stay in bed and take the medicine he prescribes. If we cannot get better at home we must go to hospital.If you need an operation (for example if you have appendicitis), a surgeon performs the operation on you. If we are too ill to walk we go to hospital in the ambulance. After our illness we can go to a sanatorium until we are strong again.

When we have toothache (when a tooth hurts us), we go to the dentists. The dentist examines our teeth. The dentist asks: Which tooth hurts you? He says: That tooth has a cavity. I must stop it (I must put in a filling). If the tooth is too bad, the dentist extracts it.

At the Doctors (2)

How do you do. Ive got some health problems and I need your advice. I feel terrible. I think Ive caught a cold. Ive got a sore throat and Im coughing and sneezing .To make things worth , my temperature is very high and I suffer from a headache.I have no strength to live and study. Usually I have perfect health and I dont know what to do. Please, examine me and tell what medicine I should take.Do you think that Ive got flu? Its very dangerous! What medicine should I take? Ill take my medicine to bring down the high temperature and to recover from flu. Do you think the medicine will help? How many times a day should I take it?OK. Ill take it three times a day during a week. Should I take it before or after meals? Well, I take it after meals and I have to take my temperature twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. Where can I buy these medicines? Could you write out a prescription for me? Ill go to the nearest chemists and show your prescription there. How much do the medicines cost? I hope it isnt very expensive.Ill follow your advice. Ill wear warm clothes and drink much water. Ill go to bed early and try to rest well. How soon shall I get better?Ill come in a week. Can I call for you if my illness makes some progress?Thank you very much. Now Ill be very careful about my health. Ill do my morning exercises and sleep with my window open. Now I know that good health is better than the best medicine.

Active Words and Word Combinations:

disease -

to sneeze -

to make things worth

to suffer from -


stomack ache -

sore throat

cold -

strength -

examine -

flu -

prescription -


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studying year, I term

4,(10), (11), (12),(19-20)Theme Visiting the doctor



The Health Service

The medical service both in Britain and the USA is very high. Every employed citizen is obliged to pay weekly a certain amount of money to the national health service. The sum necessary to run medical service is very big and large art of it comes not from weekly forms payment but from taxes. Various forms of Medical Insurance are widespread in these countries.

Everything is paid. For example, in the USA if you turn to a city hospital, you should pay at least $ 50-60 for a visit. A medicine will cost you another minimum $ 15-20. You should take s prescription for purchase of many drugs in American drugstores.

However you can take medical service free of charge in medical institutions attached to different charity and religious organizations. Thus, the National Health Service (NHS), UK, provides free medical treatment for visitors from EU and Commonwealth countries and to visitors from other countries with reciprocal health arrangements. An NHS prescription costs $ 10 at present.


A visit to a doctor

Doctor -Well, what is the trouble? You are looking rather unwell, I must say.

Mr. Brown - You had better ask me what is not trouble with me, sir. It seems to me that I am

suffering all the illnesses imaginable: headaches, earache, insomnia, indigestion,

pains in the stomach, muscle pain, appetite loss. And to make things worse Ive

caught a cold, Ive got a sore throat, so I am sneezing and coughing all the time

I feel hot and feverish. I got short of breath. Actually, I feel more dead than alive.

Doctor -I am sorry to hear that. Anyway, I dont think things are so bad as you can imagine.

Let me have a look at you. Id like to sound your chest. Your heart, chest and lugs

seem to be not bad. Now let me see your throat. Yes, it looks a bit sore. Show me

your tongue. Have you taken your temperature?

Mr. Brown -Not yet, but I guess I should.

Doctor - Well, I dont find anything radically wrong with you. But it is clear that you are run

down, and if you dont take care of yourself, you may have a nervous breakdown.

So first of all I advise you to stop worrying. Take some rest, have regular meals,

keep off alcohol. If possible,give tip smoking, at least for a time. Have this tonic

made up and take 1 tablespoon three times a day before meals.

Mr. Brown - What about diet, doctor?

Doctor - Well, keep to a diet of salads and fruit, and a bit meat. If you do this I can promise

you soon full recovery.

Mr. Brown - But if I dont?

Doctor - You have to decide what is the lesser evil - to follow my advice or prepare for better

world! And one more thing. Keep off accidents so that your neck, arms and legs

were not hurt.


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studying year, I term

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