Suggest English equivalents of the Russian words given in brackets.

1. Paris () its museums and historical places. 2. What () the Temple of Zeus in Olympia? 3. ( ) that he became a good swimmer (, ) hard training. 4. ( ) Hercules vanquished ['vaegkwift] (, ) Antaeus [asn'tos], the son of () of the earth. 5. ( ) to make a good study of Greek mythology. 6. It so () that he was suddenly taken ill and could not () in the final hockey match. 7. The Olympic Games ( , ) on the

ground that they had a pagan (). 8. Unlike ( ) the ancient times the Olympic Games participants () now do not ( ) of olive leaves or ( ). 9. Hercules () many athletic games for the purpose of attracting the people of () towns and villages to () in which they () Jupiter. 10. The main temple of the Acropolis [a'kropalis] - the Parthenon [':9] - was built ( ) Athena. 11. At the age of 19 Lomonosov left his home and went to Moscow (). 12. Alexander the Great ordered () his nobles to bow [au] low before him like () creature (). 13. With () of imported slaves the power of Attica's slaveowners increased. 14. The name of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, is known ( ).

Arrange the following in pairs of antonyms:

a fall (), to disappear, to be wrong, unimportant, poor, to lose a battle, ugly, to found, a rise, to appear, to be right, important, wealthy, to win a battle, beautiful, to abolish

Choose the appropriate word from those listed below according to the definition.

a city-state in the southern part of Greece; the head-dress worn by a king (queen) or an emperor (emperess); an old story or a legend of a religious character; a car with two wheels () pulled by horses used in ancient times for fighting and races; one who carries a message; a case () or a box richly and beautifully ornamented in which sacred things () are kept; a system of government in Ancient Greece, "the power of the best"; a weapon () with a long shaft and a pointed metal head; a social group of free population originally deprived of ( ) the right to take part in the Government of Athens; government by the demos; a contest in athletics.

(Olympic Games, democracy, Sparta, demos[di:mos], crown, spear, myth,aristocracy, shrine, chariot, messenger)

13. Choose the right word:

during, for

1. Alexander the Great's eastern campaign () lasted ... about ten years.

2. . the preparations for the campaign Phillip II was killed.

3. Herodotus estimated that the construction of the Cheops ['ki:ops] Pyramid lasted . 20 years.

Wear, dress, put on

1. How long does it take you to get up, to wash and to ...?

2. ... the children and let them go for a walk.

3. Why don't you this tie? - I don't like the colour.

4. Now many young people ... their hair long.

5. It's getting cold. ... something warm.

6. He ... his coat and cap and left the room.

Athlete, sportsman, rise, raise

1. Spartans were great...

2. One who constantly takes part in hunting, fishing, shooting or horse-racing, is called a ...

3. A large group of represented Ukraine at the Olympic Games.

4. The sun ... in the east.

5. Don't this question now.

Different, various

1. Plutarch described ... historial events in his books.

2. We stand for peaceful co-existence of states with ... political and social systems.

3. ... ancient and modern languages are taught at our faculty.


1. . . ( ). . .: , 2005. 263.

2. ., .., .. . ӻ. /: , 2003. 288.

3. .. . . /: , 2002 320.



: . ( ).

1. Read, translate and try to retell the text.

At a Hotel

Service is supposed to begin at the door. So an employee who is important during the reception procedure is the doorman. He is stationed at the entrance to the hotel and assists the guests in and out of taxis and cars, calls for cabs. etc. Very often guests will ask him for directions to restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, shops, or other hotels.

In the lobby of a hotel there is a registration desk, where guests check in and out, pick up and deposit keys, and so on. The check-in procedure takes a few minutes. The guest is given a registration card to fill in: the name and address, the passport number for foreign nationals. The desk clerk, or receptionist, enters the guest's room number, the room rate, and the arrival and departure dates into the computer. When all formalities are over, the bellman shows the guests to their rooms and assists them with their baggage, lie shows them where the light switches are and explains the use of the room appliances, such as the TV set, cooking facilities, if any, and the air conditioning. He can also run errands for you. For each service rendered the bellman will expect a tip.

If any information is required, it can be received at the hotel's information desk which is supervised by a concierge. Concierges are always ready to help the guests. They can make reservations for theatres or flights, arrange sightseeing tours, mail letters and, in general, provide all kinds of useful information. The hotel bill can be paid in several ways. Besides cash, credit cards are universally accepted. In fact, many hotels require their guests to produce a credit card when registering. Otherwise, a cash deposit is required. The guests may also pay with travelers checks when checking out. Hospitality is of greatest importance for hotel. Hospitality is not an abstraction - it is a clean room, a comfortable bed, a
hot shower, a good meal, a courteous doorman and - last but not least - a good profit! Run errands - Expect a tip - be stationed - Concierge - cash deposit - courteous doorman -

Answer the following questions

1. What kind of hotels are the most luxurious?

2. What do motels provide the guests with?

3. What does "hotel chain "mean?

4. What questions must you answer to fill in a registration card?

5. What does a guest have to fill in?

6. Who can run errands for you?

7. What are important hotel employees and their functions?

8. Where can any information be received?

9. What kinds of help can concierges do for the guests?

10. How can a hotel bill be paid?

11. How can you pay bill if you have no cash?

12 What is hospitality of great importance for a hotel?

13. What kind of room will you require if you are going to stay:

a) alone b)with your wife (husband) c) with your whole family

14. To whom will you apply if you want:

a) hotel accommodation b) a car for a couple of days

c) information about an air flight d) assistance in turning on the air conditioner?


Fill in and but or so

1. Jaewon was cold, ________ he put on a coat.

2. Maria tried to read a novel in French,________ it was too difficult.

3. To get from Vancouver to Victoria, you can fly, ______ you can ride the ferry.

4. I bought a bottle of wine,_______ we drank it together.

5. The waiter was not very nice,_________ the food was delicious.

6. I went to buy a Rolling Stones CD, ________ the shop didn't have it.

7. Anna needed some money, ________ she took a part-time job.

8. There's so much rain lately! Maybe it's because of El Nino,_____ maybe it's just coincidence.

9. Julie has a guitar, ________ she plays it really well.

10. The concert was cancelled, ______ we went to a nightclub instead.

I will be late today ________ my car has broken down.

? though

? because

________ my wife likes to travel abroad, I prefer to stay at home for my vacations.

? Whereas

? Since

I don't drink coffee ________ it makes me nervous.

? although

? as

Paula got the job ________ she had no experience.

? as

? even though

Jun couldn't buy any Christmas presents ________ he didn't have any money.

? even though

? because

________ it was raining, I didn't get wet.

? Although

? Because

Jerry passed the exam first time ________ I had to retake it three times.

? as

? while

________ Mei Li doesn't speak English, she can't go to university in Canada.

? Since

? Whereas

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