Ex.1 p.41 Answer the following questions


1.What do you know different relationship that companies can have with one another?

o x , ?

There are different relationship these companies can have with one another.

, .

2.What is the group?


A group is a number of subsidiary companies operating under one leading company known as the parent company .

- , , -.

3.Is a subsidiary owned by another company?


A subsidiary is a company that is half or wholly owned by another company (the parent company).

- , (-).

4.What is a holding company?


A holding company is one that holds all, or more than half of, the stakes in one or more subsidiaries.

- , , , .

5.What is a conglomerate?


A conglomerate is a group consisting of a lot of different companies in different businesses run as one large company.

- , , .

6.Under what circumstances is a joint venture formed?


When two or more companies decide to work together , they form a joint venture.

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7.Why do companies unite a consortium?


A consortium is a group of companies which come together to undertake a project which any one of the member cannot carry out alone.

- , , , .





Ex.1 p.42


1.He has developed /has been developing a new product for a month.


2.She has worked/has been working overtime since May.


3.My firm has sold/has been selling shares since September.


4. Have you read/ have you been reading our company development programme all day?


5.I have waited /have been waiting for our partners since 2 oclock.

/ 2 .

6.I have worked/have been working so hard that I havent seen my family for weeks.

, .

7.They have exhibited/ have been exhibiting this new model since May.


8.My friend has looked /has been looking around for a new flat , but he hasnt found it yet.

, .

9. What new products have you advertised/have you been advertising since I last visited you?

, , ?

10.How long have you worked /have been working as a consultant?


11.I have tried/have been trying to ring them all day.


12.I have run/ have been running the company since 2000.



Ex.2 p.43


1. Im exhausted I have been working all day on my business plan , and I have not been finishing it yet. .

, -, ..

2. I have been shoping all morning , but I have not bought anything yet . I havent seen anything Ive liked .

. , . , .

3.I have been waiting for two hours, but nobody has arrived yet.

, .

4.I have been listening to you for the past half an hour, but Im afraid I dont understand your new idea.

, , .

5. The company has not been making any money for 2 months.

2 .

6.This shop never has never made any profit.


7. He has not been having a holiday for years


8.My friend has been President of the holding company for 3 months now.

3 .

9.I have read a lot of special literature lately.


10.The parent company has been financing its subsidiary for 2 months

- 2 .

11.How long have you been working for them?


12. We have spoken to each other on the phone , but we have never met.

, .



Ex.3 p.43


1.We have been thinking of ways to help our sister company for a week already


2.Our President decided to change the management structure last May.


3.We have placed an advertisement in Accounting Journal this Month.


4.They raised the prices for gas last week.


5.They have been expanding their business for 6 months.

6 .

6.We bought more than half of the shares of this company last month.


7.I have been prepared the annual report since early morning.


8.My uncle known everything about finance. He has been working as a financial manager for 20 years.

, . 20 .

9.I have sent them a fax today .


10.My brother has quarrelled with his boss yesterday.


11.Bill is a natural salesman . He has sold 10 cars since the beginning of the week.

- . 10 .

12.I wonder how Mary is getting on. I have not heared from her for nearly a month. , . .


Ex.4 p.44


1. 2

It repairs the car 2 hours.

2. .

They translate documents into English all the morning long.

3. .

He drinks many coffee recently.

4. 20 .

It works in this company of 20 years and never before was not late.

5. . .

Clients call all the morning long. That that happens with the computer.

6. , .

To me seem, that I stand in this the whole eternity.

7. . .

The president of the company considers my statement a week. I hope for the positive answer.

8. 15 .

I do purchases in it hop15 years.

9. .

Recently the industrial sector in Europe constantly reduces quantity places.

10. 10 .

They are engaged a business catfish together 10 years.

11. ?

As for a long time you over this project?

12. .

Our general enterprise is just created.




Text: Companies Restructuring

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