Additional Words and Expressions

What does he look like? ?

What is he like? ?

Give me a short touch on his character. .

What sort of man is he? ?

What sort of mind is he? ( ..)?

What sort/ kind of character has she? ?

You bear your age well. .

Time stands still with you. .

She is going to turn 40, but she looks young for her age. 40, .

She is a woman of a hasty (short etc.) temper. ().

His words are entirely in character with his actions. .

She is nobody's favourite as she is too conceited. , .

tried hard not to show his anger but finally he blew his cool. ³ , - .

Do you think I was born yesterday? ?

Don't be so choosy. He .

is a flunky. ³ .

Judy was dolled up as if she were invited to a circus. , .

I felt like a fish out of water. " ".



Exercise 1. Read and translate the text.

My Aunt Emily

Of all my relatives, I like my Aunt Emily the best. She's my mother's youngest sister. She has never married, and she lives alone in a small village near Bath. She's in her late fifties, but she's still quite young in spirit. She has a fair complexion, thick brown hair which she wears in a bun, and dark brown eyes. She has a kind face, and when you meet her, the first thing you notice is her lovely, warm smile. Her face is a little wrinkled now, but I think she is still rather attractive. She is the sort of person you can always go to if you have a problem.

She likes reading and gardening, and she goes for long walks over the hills with her dog, Buster. She's a very active person. Either she's making something, or mending something, or doing something to help others. She does the shopping for some of the old people in the village. She's extremely generous, but not very tolerant with people who don't agree with her. I hope that I am as happy and contented as she is when I'm her age.


Exercise 2. Put questions to the sentences.

1. Aunt Emily is my mother's youngest sister.

2. Aunt Emily lives alone in a small village near Bath.

3. She has a fair complexion.

4. She wears a bun.

5. She has dark brown eyes.

6. She likes reading and gardening.

7. She goes for long walks over the hills with her dog.

8. She does the shopping.

Exercise 3. Complete these sentences in a suitable way. (More than one answer may be possible.)

1. Shes got blonde .

2. Hes got very pale .. .

3. Theyve got both curly . .

4. I would say he was medium .

5. Her brother has got very broad . .

6. She doesnt like men with hairy .. .

7. Last time I saw him he had grown a .. .

8. Hes got very muscular . .

9. Both men were very good- .

10. All of them have got dark . .


Exercise 4. Fill the gaps in the sentences.

1 He's only one metre 52. He's quite ...short

2 Very.................. . people are often good at basketball.

3 Models are usually...................

4 Is her skin dark? No it's..................

5 She's only 12. She's very.................

6 If I eat too much I'll be..................

7 My grandmother is in this hospital. It's a hospital for.............. people, (don't use 'old')

Exercise 5. Write down the names of three people you know. Then write about:

- their height (tall, short, medium height)

- their hair (colour, long, short, beard)

- their eyes (colour)

- their looks (ordinary, handsome, etc.)

Exercise 6. Read the text below which is an essay of an English schoolgirl describing her friend.

About my friend

Janet is my best friend; we go to school together. We have been friends for 5 years already, since she came to our school. Some people say that we look alike but I don't think so. Janet has blue eyes and fair hair, while my eyes are brown and I'm dark-haired. She has a lovely fresh complexion and a beautiful mouth with full lips, but she is short-sighted so she wears contact lenses. Janet is quite tall and has a beautiful slim figure. Actually we are the same height and build, maybe that is why our neighbours sometimes take me for Janet. Janet is very smart and looks really attractive when she dresses up to go out with her boyfriend.

Janet likes studying languages and is thinking of learning them at the university to be able to work later for a travel agency. She can already speak French and Spanish fluently and is learning Modern Greek. Janet loves being with crowds of people and makes friends easily. She loves going to parties, and there she immediately becomes the centre of attention. Janet is good at games but never takes them seriously, so when we play tennis, I always win because she doesn't care if she wins or loses.

Janet is very witty and amusing and she always cheers me up when I am depressed because she has a wonderful sense of humour. I think her only fault is that she is restless and gets bored easily. She is an intelligent and hard-working person, but she doesn't get good marks at school because she doesn't study enough. I admire her because she is so bright and energetic, but I think it is a good thing that both her boyfriend and I are calm and tolerant, and when she is impatient with us we just laugh, and then she laughs, too.


Exercise 7. Write a similar description of a member of your family or your friend in about 15 20 sentences. Include the following:

a. your opinion of the person

b. physical description

c. their character, habits, likes, dislikes.



Exercise 8. Read and translate the text.

Character and Appearance

Appearance is deceptive. It is a common truth; practically everyone has met at least someone whose character and appearance differ radically.

When one sees a tall, broad-shouldered youth, one expects him to be strong-willed and brave. One thinks: "A model to follow!" How often a good-looking person turns out to be weak-willed or even cowardly. Then one thinks. "A mediocrity!"

At the same time everyone knows that a lot of great people were of poor build, short and fragile. It did not stop them from displaying intelligence and courage.

Plump or fat people create an impression of generous and kind personalities. Strangely enough, not rarely they may be greedy. One usually thinks: "What a scrooge!"

On the other hand, thin and slim ladies often tend to be lavish. They like to buy and never think twice when they pay. Then one thinks. "I would call her open-handed and my mother would call her a spend-thrift" Yes, mothers are always stricter in judgments.

Has it ever happened to you that you come to an important office and see an important boss? You immediately evaluate his appearance. "Round-faced, small eyes, dimples on the cheeks and an upturned nose. What a kind-hearted person!" You tell the boss of your troubles and expect immediate help. But the toss appears to be rude and willful. You never get your help and think: "A stone heart!"

When someone sees a delicately built pretty blonde with curly hair, blue eyes, a straight nose and a high forehead, one is inclined to think that the beauty is intelligent and nice. It may be disappointing to think later: "What astupid impolite bore!"

On the contrary, when one sees a skinny girl with irregular features one doesn't expect her to be a clever, kind-hearted and good-mannered lady. It may be a relief to think later: "What charm! A heart of gold"

Another general misconception lies in the fact that children are always expected to resemble their parents. And parents like it when children take after them. The greatest compliment is: "They are as like as two peas." The greatest disappointment is to find nothing in common.


Exercise 9. Answer the questions.

1. Do you agree with the statement that appearance is deceptive? 2. Have you ever met a person whose character and appearance differ? 3. What do you think when you see a broad-shouldered and tall youth? 4. Does one's intelligence and courage depend upon his or her constitution? 5. What impression do plump people create? 6. What do you call people who like to buy and never think twice when they pay? 7. What are you inclined to think when you see a delicately built pretty blonde with curly hair, blue eyes, a straight nose and a high forehead? 8. How would you describe appearance of a cunning person? 9. What does a general misconception consist in? 10. Do parents like when children take after them?

Exercise 16. Sort out the personality qualities and features of appearance given in the box into corresponding column according to your opinion.


boring, stout, stupid, obstinate, slender, sensitive, forgetful, skinny, sociable, moody, greedy, calm, shy, fat, plump, mean, thin, sly, energetic, selfish, modest, tolerant, ambitious, indecisive, absent-minded, generous, dishonest, hard-working, persistent, witty, impudent, sincere, courageous, cruel, attentive, envious.


Positive/ Pleasant Neutral Negative/ Unpleasant





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