Sold the straw and slept on grass To buy his wife a looking-glass.

[ s ] , [ ∫ ]Sea Shell, Sea Shell, Sing me a song., please! A song of ships, and sailormen, And parrots, and tropical trees,

Sea Shell, Sea Shell, Sing of the things you know so well.

, ,

. . .

. , . .

- . .


English Tongue-Twisters


What a big black cat!

What a cat! What a cat!


A big black bug bit a big black bear ,

A big black bear bit a big black bug.

***Betty Botta bought some butter But, she said , this butter bitter , But a bit of better butter Will make my butter better. So she bought a bit of butter Better than the bitter butter And it made her butter better.


Tob is Mobs dog.

Cob is Dobs dog,


Pats black cat is in Pats black hat.


A girl sees three big grey geese.


A black cat sat on a mat

And ate a fat rat.



The more we think of safety,

Of safety, of safety,

The more we think of safety,

The safer we shall be.


Swan swam over the sea,

Swim, swan, swim,

Swan swam back again,

Well swum, swan.


Which is this switch?

Which switch is which?


She sells sea-shells on the sea-shore.


Roll that red ball down to town,

Roll that red ball down to town.


Robert Rowley rolled

A round roll round.

*** Ill have a proper cup of coffee in a proper



How much wood would a wood-chuck chuck

If a wood-chuck would chuck wood?


Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.


The Tutor

A tutor who tooted the flute

Tried to teach two young tooters to toot,

Said the two to the Tutor,

Is it harder to toot, or

To tutor two tooters to toot?

Carolyn Wells


Whether the weather be fine

Or whether the weather be not,

Whether the weather be cold

Or whether the weather be hot,

Well weather the weather

Whatever the weather,

Whether we like it or not.


I thought a thought, but a thought

I thought wasnt a thought I thought.


Riddles in Rhymes

It is running night and day,

But it never runs away. (A watch)

Without a tongue, without an ear,

I can speak, and sing, and hear. (A tape-recorder)

I have no legs, but I can run.

I have no tongue, but I tell everyone,

Time to start work! Time to go to bed!

Time to get up again, you sleepy-head! (An alarm-clock)

He doesnt speak, nor he doesnt sing,

Not at the doorbell give a ring,

But still he lets his master know

Who wants to see him, friend or foe. (A watch-dog)

Never planted, still it grows.

Whats the answer? Now who knows? (Hair)

It runs and runs, but itll never run out.

It flows. Who knows

What I am talking about? (A river)

I dont know the ABC,

But Im writing as you see. (A pen)

All these cars and trucks

That are running along

Can be stopped by this man,

Whos enormously strong. (A traffic officer)



Long-ears, long-ears

Hop, hop, hop!

Long-ears, long-ears

Never stop.

They like carrots, they like hay.

They grow longer from day to day. (A rabbit)

Knock on me, and do come in.

I will gladly let you in.

But dont forget, you see,

To hold out your hand to me. (A door)

He likes carrots and at night

When the moon and stars are bright,

To the farmers field hell go

Where the juicy carrots grow.

Whos he? (A rabbit)

I am in the tree-tops. Cheep, cheep, cheep.

My head beneath my feathers

When I sleep, sleep, sleep. (A bird)

I am in the meadow,

Moo, moo, moo,

Chewing grass to make more milk

For you, you, you. (A cow)

I am in the water,

Quack, quack, quack,

With shiny feathers on my wings

And back, back, back. (A duck)


I am in the farm-yard,

Cluck, cluck, cluck.

I lay eggs, but I am not

A duck, duck, duck. (A hen)

I am in the basket,

Mew, mew, mew.

You give me milk and then I purr

For you, you, you. (A cat)

It lives in a forest, it looks like a dog,

Its grey and white, its angry and hungry,

It runs very fast because it likes to hunt. (A wolf)

Its big and grey, its trunk is long,

It has two tusks and is very strong. (An elephant)

It is big and very strong,

It can climb trees and likes honey and berries ( A bear)

It is big and brown. It lives in a forest.

It likes to eat honey and has a little nose. (A bear)

It lives with people, it likes to eat carrots,

It is grey and funny. What is it? ( A rabbit)

This animal is very big,

It cannot jump, it cannot sit,

It drinks much water every week,

It is strong and its legs are long. (A camel)

This animal is very strong, its neck is not long,

In winter it sleeps,

In summer it finds honey here and there.

What is this animal? It is (a bear)

It is little and grey, it can live in a big house,

It has a long tail. What is it? (A mouse)

It is orange and cunning,

It likes to eat cocks,

It lives in a forest.

What is this? ( A fox)

Good Rules in Rhymes

I know a child, and who she is

Ill tell you by and by.

When Mamma says, Do this or that

She says, What for? and Why?

Shell be a better child by far

If she says, Ill try.

Whole Duty of Children

A child should always say whats true

And speak when he is spoken to,

And behave mannerly at table,

At least as far as he is able.

Mind the clock and keep the rule;

Try to come in time to school.

Stop! Look!

The trams and cars in our town

Run up and down, up and down!

Stop! Look at the light!

First look to the left

And then to the right.

Four Little Words

There are four little words

That can help a lot.

When you hurt your friend

On purpose or not.

So say the four words,

Dont wait too long!

If youve hurt your friend

Say, Im sorry. Im wrong.


Magic Words

Hearts like doors will open with ease

To very, very little keys:

And dont forget that they are these:

We thank you all, and If you please.


Be Polite

Dont be afraid to be polite,

To say, Good Morning or Good Night!,

I beg your pardon, Excuse me, please!

And many more words just like these:

Ill help you, madam, please, dont worry,

Youre so kind, Im so sorry,

How do you do?, Do take my seat,

Oh, let me help you cross the street.

Use all these phrases, young and old,

In daily life a thousandfold.

Company Manners

When company comes

You are very polite.

And we are proud of you, Son,

For your manners are right.

You say, Thank you- Excuse me

And After you, please.

You shake hands all around

With such polish and ease.

When grown-ups are talking

You dont make a sound.

Its a joy and a pleasure

To have you around.

Your company manners

Are fine through and through...

But try, Son, to use them

For everybody, too!

Table Manners

The Goops they lick their fingers,

And the goops they lick their knives;

They spill their broth on the tablecloth

Oh, they lead disgusting lives!

The Goops they talk while eating,

And loud and fast they chew;

And that is why Im glad that I

Am not a Goop are you?

Gelett Burgess

A Good Rule

My sisters and brother all go to school

We help one another, it is a good rule.

We help our mother when she washes or cooks.

Together with father we like to read books.

Do It Well

If a task is once begun,

Never leave it till its done,

Be the labour great or small,

Do it well, or not at all.


Work While You Work

Work while you work,

Play while you play;

This is the way

To be cheerful and gay.


All that you do,

Do with your might;

Things done by halves

Are never done right.


Good Council for Children

Go to bed late,

Stay very small;

Go to bed early,

Grow very tall.

One thing at a time

And that done well,

Is a very good rule,

As many can tell.

Good, better, best;

Never rest

Till good be better

And better be best.

Do Your Best

Do your best, your very best;

And do it every day

Little boys and little girls,

This is the wisest way.

No matter what you try to do,

At home or at school,

Always do your very best

There is no better rule.

So if you read your little book,

Or if you learn to spell,

Or if you play with hoop or ball,

Be sure to do it well.

Ill Try and I Cant

The little boy who says, Ill try,

Will climb the hill-top.

The little boy who says, I cant,

Will at the bottom stop.


Ill try does great things every day,

I cant gets nothing done;

Be sure that you say Ill try

And let I cant alone.


My Day

Getting up

When I get up in the morning

Ill tell you what I do.

I wash my hands and

I wash my face,

Splishity-splash, splishity-splash.

I clean my teeth till

they are shining white.

Scrubbity-scrub, scrubbity-scrub.

Then I put on my clothes

and brush my hair.

And runnity-run,

I run downstairs.


As soon as the sun rises

Up in the sky,

Ill open my eyes

And lift up my head,

And jump very quickly

Out of my bed.



The Wrong Start

I got up this morning and meant to be good,

But things didnt happen the way that they should.

I lost my toothbrush,

I slammed the door,

I dropped an egg

On the kitchen floor,

I spilled some sugar

And after that I tried to hurry

And tripped on the cat.

Things may get better. I dont know when.

I think Ill go back and start over again.

Marchette Chute


Because we do all things together

All things improve, even weather.

Our daily meat and bread taste better,

Trees are greener, rain is wetter.

Paul Engle

My Day

Breakfast in the morning, Supper in the evening

Dinner in the day, When the sky is red,

Tea in the afternoon, Now the day is over

Then its time to play. And its time to go to bed.


Good Night

Good night, sleep tight,

Wake up bright in the morning light

To do whats right with all your might.

Good night, good night.

A Pleasant Day

Bring the hoop and bring the ball,

Come with happy faces all;

Let us make a merry ring, Talk and laugh and dance and sing.

Quickly, quickly come away,

For it is a pleasant day.


Parts of the Body

I Have Two Eyes

I have two eyes and I can see,

I have two ears and I can hear,

I have a mouth and I can talk,

I have two legs and I can walk.

I have two ears

I have two ears, one mouth, one nose,

One neck, one chin and ten small toes.

My two feet like to skip and hop,

Run and jump and never stop.


Heres my thumb and fingers tall,

They never can keep still at all.

Heres my left hand and heres my right.

I clap them hard with all my might.


We smell with our nose,

We see with our eyes,

We eat with our mouth

Hot puddings and pies.

With leg and foot we walk,

With lip and tongue we talk,

And with our ear

All sounds we hear.


My nose is blue,

My teeth are green,

My face is like a soup tureen.

I look just like a lima bean.

Im very, very lovely.

My feet are far too short and long,

My hands are left and right and wrong.

My voice is like the hippos song.

Im very, very, very, very lovely?

Karla Kuskin



In Winter and in Summer

In winter I ski and skate,

Says little Kate.

In summer I like to swim,

Says little Jim.

And what do you do in spring?-

In spring we dance and sing.

Four Seasons

Spring is showery, flowery, bowery,

Summer: hoppy, choppy, poppy,

Autumn : wheezy, sneezy, freezy,

Winter: slippy, drippy, nippy.


The Four Seasons


The Earth is warm, the suns ablaze,

It is a time of carefree days;

And bees abuzz that chance to pass

May see me snoozing on the grass.


The leaves are yellow, red and brown,

A shower sprinkles softly down;

The air is fragrant, crisp and cool,

And once again Im stuck in school.



The birds are gone, the world is white,

The winds are wild, they chill and bite;

The ground is thick with slush and sleet,

And I can barely feel my feet.


The fields are rich with daffodils,

A coat of clover cloaks the hills,

And I must dance, and I must sing

To see the beauty of the spring.


This is the season When children ski

And Grandfather Frost Brings the New Year tree.


Its Snowing

Its snowing, its snowing.

What a lot of snow!

Let us make some snowballs,

We all like to throw.

Its snowing, its snowing.

Let us sledge and ski!

When Im dashing down the hill

Clear the way for me!



The Snowman

Come to the garden

And play in the snow,

Make a white snowman

And help him to grow!

What a nice snowman!

The children will say.

What a fine game

For a cold winter day!

First Snow

Snow makes whiteness where it falls,

The bushes look like popcorn-balls,

And places where I always play,

Look like somewhere else today.

Marie Louise Allen

I Heard a Bird Sing

I heard a bird sing

In the dark of December

A magical thing

And sweet to remember.

We are nearer to Spring

Than we were in September,

I heard a bird sing

In the dark of December.

Oliver Herford

Winter Moon

How thin and sharp is the moon tonight!

How thin and sharp and ghostly white

Is the slim curved crook of the moon tonight!

Langston Hughes

Good-by My Winter Suit

Good-by my winter suit,

Good-by my hat and boot,

Good-by my ear-protecting muffs

And storms that hail and hoot.

Farewell to snow and sleet,

Farewell to Cream of Wheat,

Farewell to ice-removing salt

And slush around my feet.

Right on! To daffodils,

Right on! To whippoorwills,

Right on! To chirp-producing eggs

And baby birds and quills.

The day is on the wing,

The kite is on the string,

The sun is where the sun should be

Its spring all right! Its spring!

N.M. Bodecker



Spring is coming, I can feel it,

How soft is the morning air!

Birds are singing, buds are peeping,

Life and joy are everywhere!

A Summer Day

Come, my children, come away

For the sun shines bright today,

Little children, come with me,

Birds and brooks and flowers see.

Get your hats and come away,

For it is a pleasant day.

Let us make a merry ring,

Talk and laugh and dance and sing!

Quickly, quickly come away

For it is a pleasant day.

Daylight Saving Time

In Spring when maple buds are red,

We turn the clock an hour ahead;

Which means, each April that arrives,

We lose an hour

Out of our lives.

Who cares? When Autumn birds in flocks

Fly southward, back we turn the Clocks,

And so regain a lovely thing

That missing hour

We lost last Spring. Phyllis McGinley

Autumn Leaves

Come, little leaves,

Says the wind one day.

Come over the meadows

With me to play.

Put on your dresses

Of red and gold,

For summer is gone

And the days are cold.


Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Rain, rain, go away,

Come again another day,

Little Johnny wants to play.

Rain on the green grass,

And rain on the tree,

Rain on the house-top,

But not on me.


The Rain Has Silver Sandals

The rain has silver sandals

For dancing in the spring,

And shoes with golden tassels

For summers frolicking.

Her winter boots have hobnails

Of ice from heel to toe,

Which now and then she changes

For moccasins of snow.

May Justus


I like to see a thunder storm,

A dunder storm, a blunder storm,

I like to see it, black and slow,

Come stumbling down the hills.

I like to hear a thunder storm,

A plunder storm, a wonder storm,

Roar loudly at our little house

And shake the window sills!

Elizabeth Coatsworth

When the Weather is Wet

When the weather is wet

We must not fret,

When the weather is cold

We must not scold,

When the weather is warm

We must not storm,

But be thankful together

Whatever the weather.



Who Has Seen the Wind?

Who has seen the wind?

Neither I, nor you:

But when the leaves hang trembling The wind is passing through. Who has seen the wind?

Neither you, nor I: But when the trees bow down their heads The wind is passing by.

Christina Rosetti

When All the World Is Full of Snow

I never know just where to go,

When all the world is full of snow.

I do not want to make a track,

Not even to the shed and back.

I only want to watch and wait,

While snow months settle on the gate,

And swarming frost flakes fill the trees

With billions of albino bees.

I only want myself to be

As silent as a winter tree,

To hear the swirling stillness grow,

When all the world is full of snow.

N. M. Bodecker


The Months of the Year

Januarycomes with frost and snow,

February brings us winds that blow,

March has winds and happy hours,

April brings us sun and showers,

Pretty is the month of May,

June has flowers sweet and gay, July begins our holiday,

August sends us all away,

September takes us back to school,

October days begin to cool,

November brings the leaves to Earth,

December dying sees the birth

Of the New Year and all its mirth.


January brings the snow,

Makes our feet and fingers glow.

February brings the rain,

Thaws the frozen lakes again.

March brings breezes loud and shrill,

Stirs the dancing daffodil.

April brings the primrose sweet,

Scatters daisies at our feet.

May brings flocks of pretty lambs,

Skipping by their fleecy dams.

June brings tulips, lilies, roses,

Fills the childrens hands with posies.

Hot July brings cooling showers,

Apricots and gillyflowers.

August brings the sheaves of corn,

Then the harvest home is borne.

Warm September brings the fruit,

Sportsmen then begin to shoot.

Fresh October brings the pheasant,

Then to gather nuts is pleasant.

Dull November brings the blast,

Then the leaves are whirling fast.

Chill December brings the sleet,

Blazing fire, and Christmas treat.

Sara Coleridge

Days of the Week

Lazy-Bones Grundy

I cannot work on Monday,

Says lady-bones Grundy.

Nor start the work on Tuesday.

Wednesday is a holiday,

I must plan on Thursday

What to do on Friday,

On Saturday I like to play,

On Sunday I must rest all day.

Mrs Grundy washes on Monday,

Irons on Tuesday,

Shops on Wednesday,

Bakes on Thursday,

Sews on Friday,

Cleans on Saturday,

Cooks on Sunday

This is the tale of Mrs Grundy.

Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy

Born on Monday,

Christened on Tuesday,

Married on Wednesday,

Took ill on Thursday,

Worse on Friday,

Buried on Sunday,

This is the end

Of Solomon Grundy.

I Like Sunday Best

I like Sunday best,

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday less,

Thursday, Friday are not bad,

Saturday is better yet.

But I like Sunday best.


Of all the days thats in the week

I dearly love but one day

And thats the day that comes between

A Saturday and Monday.

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