Seminar No 2 Functional Styles of The English Language

Assignment 1. Define functional style features of the following passages:

1)Satellite communication systems, like other wireless communication systems, convey information using electromagnetic waves. Since radio was the first practical application of wireless technology, we may refer to them as radio waves.

2) 'Never you mind what they say, dear', said Mrs. Hodges.'I've 'ad to go through it same as you 'ave. They don't know any better, poor things. You take my word for it, they'll like you all right if you 'old your own same as I 'ave'. (W. S. Maugham)



Last Tuesday, ten Melitopol machine building plants employing 22,000 v/orkers came to a standstill. The enterprises are lacking the funds required to pay for 50% of electricity consumed according to the latest government's decision. This will entail an automatic suspension of allocations into the state budget and a further increase in arrears of wages and salaries. The Board of Melitopol Directors sent a telegram to the President and the Cabinet asking the government to suspend the decision and keep the payment procedure unchanged for a three months period, The Day's Victor Puzhaicheredareports.

4) The Petrivka book market:
Alive & Kicking

Text:Tetiana Honcharova

For several years there have been persistent rumours that Kyiv's most popular makeshift book market Petrivka is nearing its end.But it is alive and shows no signs of deterioration, although rumours persist. People were especially worried after the so-called Book Square opened on Plosh-cha Slavy [Victory Sq.]. Petrivka enemies were rubbing their hands in anticipation, but their expectations were not to be rewarded. Petrivka staggered under the blow but survived.

After all, what better place is there for the local book, video and CD lovers? Petrivka offers a stunning assortment and the prices are more or less affordable. [...]


Horlivka July 17, ...

Parties to this Contract are:

Horlivka open-type Stockholding Company "CONCERN STIROL" hereinafter referred to as the "Seller" represented by Mr Rachinsky acting on the basis of the Statute from one part, the firm "S. E. R. C. L." hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer" represented by its President Mr Roland Hytter-haegen acting on the basis of the Statute from the other part, concluded the present contract on the following: [...]

Wrist watch music power.

Panasonic's Ewear music machine is so small you can wear it like a watch.

Despite its size it provides 2 hours of your music from a 64mb SD mem-


card that is no bigger that a postage stamp. For the fashion conscious lady you can even wear it as a pendant round your neck. Apparently it unfortunately does not also tell the time so you still have to wear your watch on the other wrist.

This would be an interesting idea for your mobile as well because in the heat of summer when clothing is sparse it would be most convenient to wear your phone on your wrist.

7) The City of Dreadful Night rises from its bed and turns its face to
wards the dawning day. With return of life comes return of sound. [... J What
is it? Something borne on men's shoulders comes by in the half-light, and I
stand back. A woman's corpse going down to the burning-ghat, and a by
stander says, "She died at midnight from the heat." So the city was of Death
as well as Night, after all.

(Rudyard Kipling, The City of Dreadful Night)

8)Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to welcome you to the 2001 UMC Annual Report on behalf of the UMC Board of Directors.

2001 was an extremely successful year for UMC and its Subscribers...

A number of important technologies were introduced...

Importantly, UMC moved closer to the Customer...

The financial results...

On behalf of the UMC Board of Directors, I would like to thank all UMC employees, business partners and most importantly our Subscribers, for a record result in 2001.

Gemot Taufmann Chairman of the Board

Assignment 2. Pay attention to the peculiarities of translation of the above cited functional style patterns:

1) ', ', . 㳿, .

2) " , , - . - . , . , . , ."

3) ̲

22 000 . 50% 㳿. . ̳ , ""³ .

4) "в"

, "" - - . , . , , , " ". "" . , , , .

, ' , , "" ?[...]

5) ...

. 17 ...


" ", "", "" - 1.3. , , S. . R. L., "", , , -:[...]

6) - .

Panasonic ewear. .

, 2 64 SD . , , . ,


, . , , , . , .

7) ̳ , ,
. [...] ?
, .
, :

- .

, , .

8) !

г UMC 2001 UMC.

2001 UMC ...


, UMC 볺...

Գ ...

³ UMC UMC, , - - 2001 .

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