Task 1. Read the text Electronic Commerce: Business and You on the Internet and translate it.

Task 2. Find answers to the following questions in the text and write them down:

1. In which way does the business world exploit the Internet?

2. How can you use the Internet as an individual?

3. What information should you include in your resumes?

4. What knowledge should you have to be a successful candidate for a job?

5. How can knowledge of IT help you prepare for an interview?



Undoubtedly, the Internet is the most visible, rapidly changing, dynamic, mind-boggling and exciting emerging technology. In almost every magazine, youll find some sort of article about the Internet. Most major business publications, such as Fortune, Forbes and Business Week devote entire issues each year to the Internet and how to use it for electronic commerce.

Perhaps we shouldnt just say the Internet. More appropriately, whats really most exciting and emerging about the Internet is the way in which the business world and individuals are exploiting it. Establishing by organisations their own private Internets, called intranets, extranet applications, Internet private networks, individualised electronic advertising, competitive intelligence gathering, electronic cash and the convergence of your telephone, television, computing and cable TV service as a way of communicating all of which have something to do with exploiting the Internet and its worldwide connectivity. As an individual, you can use the Internet to perform a vitally important task that of finding a job.

Today, information technology can help you land a job in two ways. First, most employers are looking for candidates with IT skills. While writing your resumes you should include information about your education, work experience, extracurricular activities and awards and honours. You should also include a section that details such IT skills as the application software, hardware and operating systems with which you are familiar.

Second, you can use your knowledge of IT and IT itself to help you find potential employers, place your resume in their hands, locate summer internships and learn the art of selling yourself during the interview and negotiation process. How? By simply cruising the Internet and using online job database and service providers as well as accessing information about how to prepare for an interview.


Task 3. Read the text International Electronic Cash and translate it.

Task 4. Find answers to the following questions in the text and write them down:

1. What are the ways to predict the potential success or failure of emerging technologies?

2. What will happen if the financial institutions and communities dont support e-cash?

3. What organisations are actively pursuing the use of e-cash on the Internet?

4. When can e-cash become a standard technology?


There exist to ways to predict the potential success or failure of emerging technologies: 1) to look at the organisations, which are pushing the use of such technologies and 2) to evaluate the worldwide acceptance of such technologies. Those ways certainly hold true for electronic commerce cash. If big financial institutions dont support e-cash, it probably wont succeed. And, if the worldwide financial community does not support e-cash, its acceptance and use in the United States only may not be enough to define it as a truly standard technology.

With those issues in mind, it seems that e-cash will someday become a standard technology. Currently, organisations such as Citibank, MasterCard International and Deutsche Bank (in Germany) are actively pursuing the use of e-cash on the Internet. Those organisations are definitely big and they have a tremendous worldwide presence and influence. With support from those organisations, e-cash does indeed seem destined to become a standard technology.

Task 5. Read the text Creating an Internet-Exclusive Bank and translate it.

Task 6. Find answers to the following questions in the text and write them down:

1. How do banks use the Internet?

2. What is a group of bankers and entrepreneurs busy with in Atlanta?

3. What will the bank look like?

4. What can the AIB offer you?


There are currently many obstacles to overcome before electronic cash is widely accepted over the Internet. But banks havent hesitated to exploit the Internet to provide financial products and services. Many traditional banks today offer some services on the Internet; others have chosen to use the Internet as the sole distribution channel for financial services.

In Atlanta, a group of bankers and entrepreneurs are creating one such Internet bank called the Atlanta Internet Bank (AIB). The AIB will have no drive-up windows and no lobbies in which you can get a bank representatives help. Instead, youll perform all your banking transactions through the Internet. Initially, the AIB plans to offer checking and money market accounts and bill payment services; later it will add brokerage services and credit products.

Can you imagine that? Some day you may never see a bank building. Instead, all banks will exist in virtual cyberspace on the Internet.


Task 7. Read the text Ski Aspen and translate it.

Task 8. Find answers to the following questions in the text and write them down:

1. What does Aspen Skiing Co. do to make certain you ski Aspen?

2. What can help you in deciding where to ski?

3. What kind of information can you find when connected to Aspens Web site?

4. Can you reserve a room?


Aspen Skiing Co. wants your business and its using IT in innovative ways to make certain you ski Aspen when youre in Colorado. For people already on the slopes Aspen has set up four multimedia touch-sensitive kiosks that can show you views from the tops of local mountains and give you up-to-the-minute weather reports.

And if youre trying to decide where to ski, try connecting to Aspens Web site at http://www.aspenonline.com. Once there, you can check current ski conditions, shopping area, dining places, cultural festivities or directions to Aspen, local banks and ATMs. You can even view skiing video clips.

While youre online with Aspen, you can also reserve a room at the lodge. Aspen even plans to add photos to show you exactly what your room looks like and the view youll have from your balcony. Now thats an innovative use of IT.

Task 9. Read the text Customer Integrated Systems and translate it.

Task 10. Find answers to the following questions in the text and write them down:

1. What does the term customer integrated system mean?

2. What task can you perform with the aid of ATMs?

3. Where else are CISs used?

4. What are the ways to order any product you want?


Acustomer integrated system(CIS) is the system that places technology in the hands of an organisations customers and allows them to process their own transactions. Automated teller machines (ATMs) are perhaps the most common example of a CIS. ATMs provide you with the ability to do your banking anywhere at any time. Banking by ATM, you can check your account balance, transfer money from one account to another, and even withdraw money from virtually anywhere in the world. You can perform these tasks because the worldwide ATM network structure handles all the communication between you and your financial institution.

Banks arent the only organisations that are taking advantage of CISs. Colleges and universities are using CISs to allow students to register for classes by touch-tone telephone. Convenience stores use them to allow customers to pay for gas at the pump insteadof inside. You may even be able to pay your utility and telephone bills electronically from your home computer.

If you need a good example of a customer integrated system, just cruise the Internet for a while. There, youll find the ability to order almost any product imaginable, from automobiles to clothes and numerous ticket-selling agencies.

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